10 Websites to Earn Bitcoin fast playing games online

Earn Bitcoin fast playing games online, These days, most Casino news websites are full of articles about bitcoin games you can play to win some cryptocurrency online.

List of the Best Bitcoin Games to Play and earn bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in 2019

  1. Satoshi’s Secret
  2. Cash Camel
  3. Virtual Soccer
  4. Space Wars
  5. Niagara Falls
  6. Spinning Lights
  7. Fly, Piggy, Fly!
  8. I Am the Law
  9. Pink Elephants
  10. Taboo

Earn Bitcoin fast playing games online

After the bitcoin market crash in December 2017 (and all the other ones after that), the level of the field that play bitcoin games of skill became much softer.

This is good news for you. On the one hand, there’s not much competition to claim the best welcome bonus offers or to win an online bitcoin lottery.

On the other one Slot wars and table wars are gone: with fewer players competing for the global prizes, there’s more crypto left for you.

Since most of the best bitcoin games are on offer at new online casinos, you still have to answer one question:

How do you find the best bitcoin online gaming website to win free  bitcoins and cryptocurrency online?

earn bitcoin paying games

Thankfully, there’s a hack you can use to cut through the clutter and find powerful, actionable insights to play only the best bitcoin games at the top bitcoin casinos of 2019.

It’s what I call the Lazy Sloth rule.

In this article, you learn how to use this rule to become a better player and learn what are the best bitcoin games on the internet without having to consult tens of Casino news every time you want to play.

Not only you learn what the Lazy Sloth rule is, but you also get a welcome bonus for specific btc games you can play to win bitcoin online immediately.

What Is the Lazy Sloth Rule and How It Is Related to Gambling?
It’s no secret that sloths are known for the slowness of movement and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rainforests.

They sit there, they observe the world, and once or twice a week they go down to the ground to go to the toilet.

It’s a fact.

To be a successful player, you need to be a sloth. But you can’t be just any sloth – you need to be a lazy one.

You can spend so much time considering the details of the sites with bitcoin games or reading so many comments on forums that you neglect what can help you.

That’s why the Lazy Sloth rule is so powerful.

The gist of it is that the sources you trust are the ones that can help you. The ones you just found on Google – they don’t.

That means there are a handful of sources you can focus on to find the best bitcoin games immediately.

Am I biased? Of course I am.

I am biased because PokerNews is the best guide to online gaming in the world, and I work for it.

I am biased because this website won five of the last six iGB Affiliate Awards as the best affiliate in poker.

I am biased because the world says you can trust us.

So: be a Lazy Sloth.

To apply the Lazy Sloth rule to online gambling and play the best bitcoin games online, you need:

  • A trusted source: check.
  • An email address to receive gambling newsletters.
  • A list of the best bitcoin games
  • Access to a private casino group
  • Open a Gambling-Only Email Address
  • Keeping an email address for gambling messages is a smart thing to do.

You don’t want to have your primary email address full of gaming ads, and you don’t want your bills to hide any casino bonus offers.

My dear friend Bernie Kerr from CasinoSmash recommends to use a separate Gmail address for all things gambling.

“I use Gmail because I can set up a separate app on my phone and make sure I never miss any welcome bonus,” Bernie said.

“With so many time-limited bonuses popping up all the time, this is the only way to keep up with the rooms and get all the free money there is.”

List of the Best Bitcoin Games to Play and earn bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in 2019

Satoshi’s Secret

Satoshi’s Secret is in this list not only because you can play the Slot to win bitcoin.

The Slot theme itself is all about bitcoin. Bitcoin, Matrix, and the life of a high-class hacker. It’s a deadly combination that you cannot find in any other free bitcoin game.

Cash Camel

iSoft Bet’s new fatigue is a cartoonesque slot machine inspired by the most popular intriguing fairy tales from the Middle East.

Hop on your camel, start your race through the dunes, and look for the Cactus Genie Wild – he’s your best shortcut to unbelievable riches!

Virtual Soccer

Do you think you know football? Prove it!

This amazing betting simulation lets you place bets and create amazing combos on matches from all the top football leagues in the world.

Analyse the stats, study the odds, and place your bets on AI-played matches to win gazillions of bitcoins!

Space Wars

The aliens are coming…and they are fun as hell!

This innovative video slots to win bitcoin is a mix between a Disney cartoon and Mars Attacks!, the once-upon-a-time popular movie by Tim Burton.

Niagara Falls

Who said that classic Slots and Bitcoin don’t mix?

Even if it was you, make sure you try out Niagara Falls, a new Slot by Yggdrasil with beautiful art style and an RTP of 96.2 percent.

Don’t like classic Slots? Well, this Vegas-style Slot machine will change your mind!

Spinning Lights

Spinning Lights will mesmerize you with beautiful animation and very, very catchy music.

This Bitcoin Slot is perfect for you if clubbing and gambling are two of your favorite things.

Believe me, the energy is there – play it and see for yourself.

Fly, Piggy, Fly!

Now here’s a fun game you can play with your BTC.

Fly, Piggy, Fly is a Scratch Card you can reuse over and over again – no need to waste tons of paper or go to a supermarket to buy one.

Simply open the game, place your bet, and click the play button. You win if you match at least one number.

Also, there are two bonus games you can trigger – what’s not to enjoy?

I Am the Law

Even though the title of this Slot sounds like a phrase from a Batman movie, I Am the Law is actually about the Wild West.

And it’s worth a play because of its beautiful graphics, soothing country music, and an RTP of 96 percent.

Pink Elephants

The only bitcoin game where you’ll need the help of a real sloth to win real money.

This 6-reel slot machine with 4,096 ways to win is one of the most beautiful and immersive slot machines you can play in 2018.


Close your eyes and let your Mistress lead you to explore the darkest corner of your mind. Taboo is a one-of-a-kind bitcoin Slot where you get to play with whips, leather cuffs, red bottom heels, and black chokers.

This real bitcoin game is so sexy that the usual card symbols have been replaced by the letters B D S M. I let your brain do the math and imagine what happens when you trigger the bonus round…

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